Friday, January 1, 2010

Dries Notes


So I read an article about Dries Van Noten accomplishment. Since his sweater is ever so popular, I thought it's worth a post.

Can you talk us through your last women's Autumn/ Winter 09/10 show? What did you want to focus on?
I wanted to focus on unusal colours whiile using simple shapes. The idea was to mix those shapes with progressive prints. In this collection, each print can have several lives, monochrome, fragmented, distorted and even embroidered.

The colour palette was unusual, rich and quirky. What, or who, did you have in mind with these combinations?
I was very much inspired by shades of Francis Bacon's paintings: shrimp pink, beige, ochre, orange and mauve. I decided to show them in a new, unexpected way, a pure blocks of colour, which made them as strong as light. It was also important for me to express a king of feminitiy flirting with masculine touches, giving it an overall androgynous feel.

via. Oyster