Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the day the sea froze//

It is not the coolest experience that ones can experience in the past week. Over at England, temperatures plunged so low that a 86-year-old man-Walter Butterfield was found dead in his home, in Swindon, last week, still holding an electric convection heater. Seriously, it is disturbing and clearly our world is coming to an end. I saw the satilite image of UK and was stoked. Back in Australia, we are fighting the heat like no tomorrow. On Sunday, it got so humid that I slept for 15 hours?? It was draining and volunteered to live like a koala but there are no other choice. After all, I had to turn my air conditioner on and went as low as 16 celcius. I slipped into one of my favourite OneTeaspoon cardi and was on top of the world. It was almost like winter again.