Wednesday, January 13, 2010

baby bliss//

And so I did, I stopped beating up myself and drew a few prospective plans in the hope to enhance my frail soul. I knew I had to stock up the magic and stop crying. For Christ Sake, it is 2010 and I should be feeling happy and upbeat!

I want to quit! I knew that since December when they stumbled all over me.(I am talking about work) The many reasons was not enough until that very day. But I don't think it's appropriate for me to discuss my manager's issues on my blog. Nor would I ask anyone to believe that I am capable of reporting an unbiased version of the story, and therefore the story will remain disclosed.

This part of my life is not a happy one and therefore I took the initiative to apply for something that I might or might not like. I needed to take this baby step and stop hiding from my fear. For 22 years, I have exhausted myself and was terrified to walk outside this spell. Yet I was determine to find my way out. I don't think I need any spiritual teachers but I would kindly ask myself again- to attend a pilates class each week and stop making up lame excuses that I might go ano if I do it too much. Yes, the job sound kind of amazing but I am sure there are a lot of competition so I am only hopeful to pace my hunger. I always wanted to travel but who doesn't? "
Be able to travel interstate and overseas" is one of the descriptions. They have an office at London and no jokes, the more I look at the ad- the more illusions I see. Big Ben! Pastries! Salvatore Ferragamo! Far out! It's driving me nuts! It is not some fancy pancy fashion job but Human Resources in a creative atmosphere. They apparently encourage individuality as well as creativity so I thought why not? I definitely won't get into anything fashion because I have no qualification but I wanted something creative yet professional. I wanted a job that can fund my fashion needs.

Source: Miu Miu-Fashiongonerogue