Monday, February 22, 2010

Here I Go//

So where should I begin? It has been 4 days and am still totally jet lag. On average, I slept about 10 hours per day since the day I landed. To be entirely honest, I am pretty sure that my heart is still leaping around my home town and not entirely ready to be back so soon. I finished reading 'eat pray and love' which means I have accomplish one of my 2010 goal. Not that it is really a goal but it's better than nothing. I am a slow reader as visual is probably the only thing that catches my eyes. Still, looking forward to the movies as Julie Roberts is starring as Elizabeth- should be interesting to see.

Let's talk about the shopping at Hong Kong. I have to admit that it wasn't all that great in comparison with other times I went. I suppose now that I've grown a little, my style has yet changed again. I became a lot more picky and a lot of stuff was made for the people there (sizes, colours, cuttings). A lot of the stuff was way too shiny or small. Partially disappointed and only had my eyes on Zara and H&M. I did most of my shopping there and it was amazing. I bought a few things and when I came home, I received a few more parcels.

In terms of life, I am still vastly upset at myself because I still haven't found a new job and am trapped in the middle of nowhere. I want to do a photography course, I want a new laptop, I want to join lifeline, I want to finish my degree, I want to a fashion degree, I want to get a new job, I want to save, I pretty much need to move on or maybe work out a way to prioritise my goals. Someone need to ask me to wake up and go save myself.

Someone asked me some relationship questions yesterday- A friend of mine who found it hard to break away from a selfish man.
I am studying relationship psychology myself so let's start talking about examples of selfish men:
e.g. 1: Never stay with men who say stuff that are vengeful. He says"I steer away from awkward situation like this because I can, at least I have a license to do so" - that is saying it to a woman who don't even drive. If someone loves you or adore you- they would clearly consider your feelings and wouldn't say such stuff. Guys who say these sort of stuff are especially insecure (from my perspective) and it is consider a fighting mechanism. The truth about him unfolds.

e.g. 2: When you go to a resturant together and the waiter/waitress come by to ask if you are ready to order, if he doesn't ask you whether you are ready and say "Yes, I am ready!". You have to ask yourself, is he worth it? He doesn't even respect the fact that you might not be ready? You are the centre of the universe infact when you are in a relationship- you have to also include your partner or else, what's the point for being in a relationship in the first place.

e.g.3: When your food has arrive and he always serve himself first, you know that he is selfish. (You always serve your guest first or at least pretend to on your first few months)

e.g.4: They always go on talking about themselves and have no slight interest in your life. What I mean by that is: "How are you? What have you been up to?" He asked. "Oh, yeah... good! I went to my grandmother's place yesterday!" You said. "Oh, really, yesterday... I went to the basketball court with the boys and played a few games. Blake, you know my brother? He hurt his ankle and OMG, I took him to the hospital to get treated......." (CAN YOU SEE THAT HE DIDN'T EVEN ASK YOU WHAT DID YOU DO AT YOUR GRANNY'S AND WENT ON TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF???? you can pretty much walk out because he needs to go and learn some life lessons and if he is 40- he might consider booking in a nursing home for a single)